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Within farmers' social insurance there are pecuniary benefits from:
1. old-age and disability insurance,
2. accident, health andmaternity insurance.

Pecuniary benefits from the old-age and disability insurance:
1. farmers'old-age pension,
2. farmers' pension by virtue of incapacity for work,
3. farmers'trainingpension,
4. family pension,
5. old-age and disability pension from social insurance for individual farmers and members of their families (benefits granted based on the provisions obligatory before 1st January 1991),
-  allowances to old-age and disability pensions, i.e.:
-  nursing,
-  by virtue of compulsory work,
- for complete orphan (only form the family pension).
With old-age and disability benefits the following amounts are paid additionally:
- veteran's allowance or by virtue of secret tuition,
-  compensation allowance,
-  pecuniary benefits for soldiers in the alternative military service employed on a compulsory basis in coal mines, quarries, ore and
uranium extraction facilities andbuildingbatallions,
- pecuniary benefits to which persons deported for compulsory work are entitled as well as the persons jailed in work camps by the Third Reich  and the Union  of Soviet  Socialist Republics,
-  power lump sum allowance,
6. funeral allowance,
7. maternity allowance.

Pecuniary allowances from the accident, health and maternity insurance:

  1.  a one-off indemnity by virtue of permanent or long-term detriment to health or death resulting form an accident at agricultural work or a farmer's vocational disease
  2. sickness allowance.

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