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KRUS organisational structure

Dr Aleksandra Stanisława Hadzik

tel. +48 22 592 64 58, fax +48 22 592 66 50
e-mail: sekretariat.prezesa(at)krus.gov.pl  

Deputy President 
Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke

tel. 22 592 64 00, fax +48 22 592 66 50 
e-mail: sekretariat.zastepcy.prezesa1(at)krus.gov.pl 

Deputy President
Monika Rzepecka

tel. +48 22 592 64 04, fax +48 22 592 66 50
e-mail: Sekretariat.Zastepcy.Prezesa2@krus.gov.pl


Head Office
00-608 Warsaw,
al. Niepodległości 190
tel.  +48 22 592 65 90,
fax +48 22 592 66 50

The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) is managed by the President who is appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister on application of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in agreement with the Council of Farmers' Social Insurance.

Council of Farmers' Social Insurance
The Council of Farmers' Social Insurance represents affairs of the insured and beneficiaries. Members of the Council are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development among the candidates presented by the national farmers' social and professional organizations and trade unions. The Council enjoys a right of control in relation to KRUS.

Within the framework of KRUS exist the following units:

Head Office
16 Regional Branches
256 Local Offices
other organizational units.

The Head Office, a direct servicing unit for the President of KRUS.
There are 16 Regional Branches of province level which realize fundamental tasks of the Fund in the field of establishing the obligation of social insurance, assessment and collection of contributions, establishing circumstances and causes of occupational injuries in agriculture, establishing the right to cash benefits and to their payment. Smaller organizational units operate within the framework of regional branches - called Local Offices.

Other organizational units
1. Farmers' Rehabilitation Centres (CRR),