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KRUS organisational structure

Aleksandra Stanisława Hadzik, PhD

tel. +48 22 592 64 58, fax +48 22 592 66 50
e-mail: sekretariat.prezesa(at)krus.gov.pl  

Deputy President
Monika Rzepecka

tel. +48 22 592 64 00, fax +48 22 592 66 50
e-mail: Sekretariat.Zastepcy.Prezesa2@krus.gov.pl 

Deputy President
Marek Surmacz

tel. +48 22 592 64 04, fax +48 22 592 66 50
e-mail: Sekretariat.Zastepcy.Prezesa2@krus.gov.pl 

00-608 Warsaw,
al. Niepodległości 190
tel.  +48 22 592 65 90,
fax +48 22 592 66 50

The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) is managed by the President, who is the central body of a government administration, subordinate to the minister competent for agriculture and rural development. The President of KRUS is appointed by the Prime Minister at the request of the minister competent for agriculture and rural development. The Prime Minister dismisses the President of KRUS.

There are following units within KRUS:

1) headquarters,

2) regional branches,

3) local offices.

In addition, the President of KRUS is the authority creating and supervising therapeutic rehabilitation institutions.

The Headquarters is an organizational unit of the Fund used for coordination and substantive supervision over the work of other organizational units of the Fund. The President of KRUS supervises and controls the work of the managers of organizational units of the Fund with the help of the Headquarters. 16 Regional Branches together with 256 Local Offices form a network of KRUS units which provide services to the insured and benefit recipients.

Farmers’ Social Insurance Council
The Farmers’ Social Insurance Council (the Council of Farmers) represents the interests of all the insured and beneficiaries regarding insurance and activities of the Farmers’ Social Insurance Fund. The Council of Farmers with 25 members is appointed by the minister competent for rural development for a 3-year term from among candidates proposed by socio-professional organizations of farmers and trade unions of individual farmers with a national scope of activity and the National Council of Agricultural Chambers. The Council of Farmers' Social Insurance represents affairs of the insured and beneficiaries.