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  1. Service of the insured parties and beneficiaries in the matters concerning coverage with social insurance, insurance contribution assessment and collection as well as awarding and payout of insurance benefits.
  2. The activity aimed at preventing work accidents in agriculture and agricultural vocational diseases by analyzing the causes of accidents, conducting free of charge voluntary trainings in the scope of health and life protection on a farm, initiating implementation of safe production machinery and equipment applied in farming and protective clothing. 
  3. Undertaking actions in order to assist the insured parties and persons entitled to insurence benefits who prove they are fully incapable of working on a farm but who are promising as far as recovery by cure and rehabilitation in concerned or people threatened with full inability to work on a farm.
  4. Initiating and supporting development of voluntary insurance.
  5. Handling settlements by virtue of health insurance contributions old age and disabled pensioners as well as farmers and members of the household working with them, registration of contributions on insurance accounts and transferring information about the insured parties and health insurance contributions paid for them to the competent institution for the matters of health insurance.
  6. Collecting advances for income tax on the paid out old age and disability pensions and after the end of the tax year, conversion of the income tax or preparation of the infomation on the income obtained by virtue of old age or disability pension.